Lake Como: a place to be

Lake Como: a place to be
29 Novembre 2022 paolo robaudi

Lake Como

Is simply one of the most beautiful places in Italy, turn it far and wide, from Como to the top and from the top to Lecco, you will find spectacular corners. The lake is like a small world in its own right, with its culture still alive, even if the lagoons keep it jealously hidden.

Sometimes they are gruff, but it is a defense to their world. So ancient, yet so alive. The lake is beautiful all year round, every season has its own particularity, with the sun and the heat, with the yellows and reds of autumn and even when it is dominated by the snowy peaks. dot the banks and edges of the lake are to be discovered, as well as restaurants, bars, hotels, bed and breakfasts, open everywhere.

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Lake Como

The possibility for tourists to find every kind of choice for a pleasant and relaxing holiday, so also for free time and all kinds of offer ranging from sport to cultural interests. Keep in mind that you can also easily with a car cross the whole lake area, starting from Lake Como, passing from Lake Ceresio, to get to the lake Maggiore.

It can be considered as a macro area that shares many cultural analogies but offers very different landscapes. There is a very rich cultural heritage, due to the importance of the masters who traveled from these territories for centuries in Europe, designing and building among the most beautiful churches and historical residences as well as the works of art contained in them.

Lake Como

The importance of the local food and wine culture, with a very rich cuisine, where the cheeses and the cold cuts make it as well as the wines of Valtellina and the game. Not to be underestimated then also the lake cuisine and the famous rice with perch, the carpione fish, the fried or grilled fish. I suggest you if you want to still see some “intact” places to avoid the usual tourist places and if you can travel by boat along the shores of the lake, so you can admire the villas and parks, as well as the peaks of the mountains overlooking Lake Como.

In the car, consider that to park in some countries, if you do not know the places it is almost impossible; especially during the high season. You will find beautiful and romantic corners everywhere, do not be scared by those who say that Lake Como is an exclusive half, of course it is, but it is not so exclusive to exclude all, in fact the view is free and that’s what matters at the end. It’s one of those places where you understand why Italy has been called: “Il Bel Paese”.

Lake Como

Visit the cities of Como, Lecco, Menaggio, Colico, Bellagio, Varenna and many other pearls. all the countries that face the lake, there are interesting glimpses, many have public beaches, the problem is the parking area always a bit ‘difficult but adapting to “take 2 steps” if necessary, not impossible, depends where and when, never like Liguria, however.

Lake Como is a spectacular place both during the day and at night … its refreshments are excellent … to be always visited with pleasure either alone or with friends. right for this wonderful, romantic place where everyone the corner, every corner, every hill offers extraordinary landscapes. Clean and fresh water, especially in the northernmost part where its branches meet. It also says a song.

The most beautiful lake in the world has written a poet is Lake Como …….


Lake Como: a place to be

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