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Destination Weddings Photographer Italy Paolo Robaudi  Services Milan, Como and Lugano.

I am a professional wedding photographer, I have been doing this job for more than 10 years. I like to tell stories, I love to photograph and take back the reality that surrounds me. My way of photographing is very instinctive, very Jazz! Here’s my way of working is improvising without improvising, in the sense that I have solid technical bases that allow me to work “on the fly”, following the emotions that are in the air! Seize the “moment” as it is; expressions, details that nobody notices.

I’m MFA in Fine Art: Destination Weddings Photographer Italy

I come from an artistic family, I’m a BFA set designer and MFA in New Technologies for the Arts at the Academia di Brera, I also specialize in Documentary Cinema at the “Luchino Visconti” Civic School of Cinema in Milan. My style is contaminated by my research in the field of art: from classical painting, to theater, to cinema and master photography as a Helmut Newton with whom I had an academic workshop as a student.

My style: Is Master Guru!

Photography is not just business, but it is art and passion. Photographing also means knowing the artistic languages, the shot is only the final moment, first there is the construction of the image; that is instinctive and at the same time conscious: A game of equilibrium, a work that comes from details and the perfect knowledge of the rhythm of a wedding, an experience of dozens of marriages made over ten years of profession, makes it one of the professionals with more experience of the sector in Italy, my first wedding I took in 2002!

Destination Weddings Photographer Italy Paolo Robaudi Photographic Services:

I am a photographer published nationwide, I photographed and interviewed: “Nobel Prizes, artists, entrepreneurs, sportsmen, celebrities from the entertainment world, politicians”. I have won international and national awards both as an artist and as a documentary photographer. My works are exhibited in a famous gallery in Milan.

I transform your emotions into sweet memories!